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Veterinary Science Pathway

We are very excited that you are interested in looking into our STEM program of Veterinary Science Curriculum! Below is a list of suggested courses throughout high school, if you choose to be a completer in this rigorous pathway. If you have any questions you may contact Laura Purtle. Contact information can be found in the above link.

Freshman Year
Math-Algebra I
English-English 9
Science-Physical Science
Social Studies-World History/U.S. Geography
Vet Science Path Credit-Agriscience or Leadership Development & Communications
Physical Education Credit-Wellness
Art Credit-Art or Theater I
Elective-Additional Elective of Choice

Sophomore Year
English-English 10
Science-Biology I
Social Studies-Foreign Language I&II
Vet Science Path Credit-Small Animal Care 
Physical Education Credit-PE Elective of Choice
Elective-Additional Elective of Choice

Junior Year
Math-Algebra II
English-English 11
Science-Chemistry I & Anatomy & Physiology
Social Studies-U.S. History
Vet Science Path Credit-Large Animal Science or Horse Science (Spring 2013 only)
Elective-Additional Electives of Choice

Senior Year
Math-Trigonomotry, Calculus I, or Finite Math, or Bridge Math
English-English 12
Science-AP Chemistry or AP Bio
Social Studies-Government or Economics
Vet Science Path Credit-Honors Veterinary Science
Personal Finance
Elective-Additional Electives of Choice



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