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Parliamentary Procedure

Are you interested in government, the process behind running a business meeting, and developing your leadership skills? If so, the Parliamentary Procedure CDE is perfect for you. This CDE begins at the District level in November and is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in the above fields. If you would like to learn more about the CDE or are already preparing to compete, please evaluate the following resources:

  • An overview of the Parliamentary Procedure rules as well as the rules for each part of the CDE can be found starting on page 186 of the Tennessee FFA CDE Handbook
  • Several examples of Parliamentary Procedure cards, written exams, and oral questions can all be found here on the Georgia Ag Ed website
  • More past National FFA Parli Pro tests can be found here
  • This Quizlet features 461 examples of oral questions
  • Use this page to study for both the individual and general rounds of oral questions
  • Use these parliamentary procedure mnemonic devices to remember everything from order of precedence to articles of the bylaws
  • Information about how to write the secretary's minutes can be found here
  • The 2015 National FFA Parliamentary Procedure Finals can be found here


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